Sydney Stewart. A New York native, with a background of Jamaican and Chinese, my family is either crafty or athletic. I took both routes and exceeded, but art just took over completely. Once I got injured senior year in high school and missed out on gaining a track scholarship for college, my fashion marketing teacher introduced me to Savannah College of Art and Design where I received a BFA in Fashion Design. I would draw sketches from the age of 6 on various things I could find from napkins to church programs to corners of papers until my mom bought me my first sketchbook at 8. We moved to Georgia when I was in the last leg of middle school. Even so, fashion followed me there.

I started a non profit when I was 17 called Avante Grenade, where I would organize and produce a professional fashion show to help other designers and models gain recognition in the industry and donated the funds to various charities. I did this for 6 consecutive shows. Although I don't put the shows on anymore, I still like to help anyway possible. 

I was always the creative, artsy over achiever type which definitely helps me in my field. I started off in the women's industry wanting to do menswear for women but I fell in love with the construction of mens clothing. I intend to continue pushing the boundaries of menswear until my finger bones dry out.

Stewart has been featured in Elegant Magazine, Shustring Magazine, Fashion Odds Magazine, Urban Isshoes Magazine, Elléments Magazine (all can be found under editorial tab).